Photo of Steve Schuster And Dick Bay

About Schuster & Bay

Originally a quartet, Steve Schuster, Dick Bay and drummer Duncan Draper were originally brought together by bassist David Reich in 2000 (though Schuster and Bay had previously crossed paths on a 1997 gig with sax player Jack Bonus). All multi-instrumentalists, all former rock-n-rollers, all residents of Marin County, they were brought together by their common love and respect for the classic jazz repertoire. When Reich relocated in 2002, Steve took over bass playing duties, and the group assumed its trademark “2-man trio” / “3-man quartet” configuration. Draper relocated in 2013.

While both are capable technicians, they share a belief that performing should be about the art of musical expression, rather than a showcase for technical calisthenics. Their melodic emphasis is key to their ability to touch broader audiences than many jazz artists.

They have played in venues throughout the Bay Area, including: Saylor’s Landing, Café Divino, Café Amsterdam, Giorgio’s Ristorante, Stinson Beach Grill, Treviso Restaurant and the Station House Café in Marin; Rasella’s, Axum Café, Emporio Rulli Grand Café and the Rite Spot in San Francisco; Aqus Café, Aroma Roasters, Zebulon Lounge and Sweet Lou’s in Somona County; and Turtle Bay Seafood & Grill, Towles Café, Viva Primavera and Stoa Restaurant on the peninsula. They also do volunteer performances for Bread and Roses.