Photo of 2-man trio:  Steve Schuster on bass, Dick Bay on piano & Steve Schuster on sax

A 2-man trio? Absolutely! Two talented musicians playing three instruments: sax, piano and bass--classic jazz trio instrumentation. Steve Schuster switches off between sax and bass, usually in the middle of each song. Dick Bay plays piano, his left-hand holding down the bass duties while Steve is playing sax.

And while a 2-man jazz trio is a rarity, this is no novelty act. These veterans of the Bay Area music scene know how to make a whole room swing, as well as how to make a ballad weep. They can find magic in popular 60s/70s rock tunes, in the supple rhythms of Brazil, and in their own exceptionally engaging compositions. The group is innovative but accessible -- and relentlessly entertaining. Call it "jazz with a kick."

Appearing now throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Schuster & Bay lend a unique touch of class to any event.